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22nd July 2003

8:07pm: Vicious rumors I tell you!
What is this I hear about hubby being home? I haven't heard a peep from the big dolt in an age and I doubt he's going to make an appearance now, when there are still so many mortals he hasn't snuck up on with the old pointy thunderbolt trick. You'd think those idiot "damsels" would get wise to it by now. Hrmph. warofages, dearest, did you find anything out about that suspicious swan? Mumsy is getting perturbed.

divine_song, lovely to have you. Muses are such fun.
Current Mood: annoyed

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17th July 2003

7:50pm: Public Service Announcement
Just pointing out that whole Judgment of Paris thing was a total set up job. The very idea that you could choose one goddess as more beautiful than others is ridiculous. *cough*especially if you're going to end up picking divineaphrodite just because she's easy*cough*

*flounces off to smite more mortals who snuck under hubby's chiton*
Current Mood: devious

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16th July 2003

9:44pm: OOC
Woo, I'm here! Just really posting so I can check comment links. Bwah.

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